The Story of a Life

Sanicro takes all the good of the past to heal the present and dream the future

Care, Quality, Development, Innovation, Design

Sanicro is the story of a Company. It’s the story of a life. The story of a family that
still bases its values on human relationships.
Sanicro designs, manufactures, sells high quality handshowers. It shows the care
of the most special ties, the attention for its Customers, in Italy and abroad. It
guarantees the acceptance of the individual needs, answers to the needs and acts
as an intermediary for foreign markets. It provides personalized services, including
the consignment stock. It invests in the development of functional and innovative
products highly certificated, but with a sophisticated and elegant Italian design.
It combines style and efficiency. It feels the modern requirements and studies a
new concept of shower, at low environmental and ecological impact, because the
care of ourselves passes also through the attention to others and to the nature.
That’s why you can trust: Sanicro takes all the good of the past and also chooses
to innovate, create, evolve.
Sanicro designs a shower for every need. Sanicro knows that the world, your
world, needs cares.

Conceiving, co-design, prototyping and production

Through the collaboration with Flowservice, Sanicro offers and co-designs to
its customers a product that meets customers’ needs. Then, starting from the
idea, some different solutions will be submitted, such as 3D representation of
the working prototype or a pre-series. Through innovative software that monitor
and reduce manufacturing defects, it is also possible to design highly efficient
moulds, allowing a considerable saving of resources, in terms of money and
energy. Sanicro accompanies the customer from the concept to finished product.

Production and distribution for italian and foreign customers all over the world


Sanicro has suppliers and customers all over the world. Through this network of bonds can act as an intermediary between customer and abroad supplier, to
ensure quick and easy transactions, with reliable and tested partners under a high
quality supervision and control.

Consignment Stock

Sanicro can manage and supply the customers’ warehouses, with storage and delivery to individual stores in Italy and Europe.

Strong points

The Sanicro’s facilities is composed of 6500 square meters, 2500 for production and 4000 for warehouse use.


Technological, design and engineering innovation. Flexibility and Speed production and sales. Adaptable to specific needs of executive customer requirements. Global consulting Sanicro accompanies the customers and answers to their needs, at all stages of the production and distribution.

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